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We've always told you: water and electricity don't mix. All the more reason to entrust the electrical connection of your pool and spa in Montreal to competent professionals! The pool is an excellent place to relax and feel good, but a poorly done connection constitutes a real danger. Since 1980, Les Entreprises Électriques GPE has been at your service for all your general electrical work, whether you are an individual or a professional. Our team is fully qualified to connect your pool or spa to the electrical network in complete safety and in compliance with current standards. We are also accredited members of the Corporation des Maîtres Électriciens du Québec.


Whether it is for an above ground or in ground connection, we have the right technique to ensure the installation of your floor system, lighting, heat pump and timer. We use our knowledge and experience gained over the years to ensure reliable installations for the protection of bathers. During the work, we pay particular attention to each step to avoid any malfunction.


To enjoy your aquatic installations with peace of mind, contact your electrician today : the quote is free!


Is the pool lighting properly wired? Are the electrical wires and filtration system connections in good condition? Is the circuit breaker properly connected? Don't worry any longer, do business with Les Entreprises Electriques GPE for your peace of mind.

The electrical connection of a pool or spa requires real expertise to ensure a compliant and reliable installation. Les Entreprises Électriques GPE is able to handle all your work:

Connection and hook-up

Installation of outdoor outlets

Heat pumps

Electrical panels

You can also contact us for the installation of charging stations and for your other electrical work for residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.


Using a qualified specialist for the electrical connection of your pool or spa is the best decision you can make. Your safety comes first for us. We have many years of experience in general electrical and are able to provide you with reliable equipment, chosen from the best brands, as well as personalized advice to ensure the safety of your installation.

An evaluation is done after the work is completed to ensure that the work is well executed and that the wiring and electrical system meet the regulations of the field. We have an eye for detail and our experienced team is at your side for the implementation of your pool and spa electrical connection projects in Montreal and surrounding areas. The professionals at Les Entreprises Électriques GPE also provide 24-hour emergency service.


Whatever your needs, Les Entreprises Électriques GPE will meet them efficiently!

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